Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Welcome to your Online Workshop

    • Onboarding at the ExpertEase Academy™

  • 2

    Workshop 1

    • Why Conscious Sales?

    • What do we mean by Conscious Sales?

    • Basic Values of Conscious Sales

  • 3

    Workshop 2

    • Attitude of the Salesperson

    • Sales approach in Conscious Sales

    • Avoiding Trigger Patterns

  • 4

    Workshop 3

    • The Sales Process in Conscious Sales

    • Prospecting in Conscious Sales

    • A Great Conversation

    • Qualifying in Conscious Sales

    • Closing in Conscious Sales

    • Negotiation in Conscious Sales

  • 5

    Workshop 4

    • After Sales and Upselling in Conscious Sales

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