Very Intensive Progress

Upgrading your membership with the VIP module means, you understand how important this transformation to a conscious leader is and that you don't take your success and the wellbeing of people around you half-heartedly. With the VIP module you make sure to get the best personal support during that exciting journey.

What you get

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Seizing the group wisdom is key, but some topics are more complex or there are other reasons not to discuss them in the group. While they are still to the topic of conscious leadership, you might want to have personal coaching and mentorship in an exclusive and confidential space. As a VIP-member, you get a set of 10 coaching sessions, you can easily book whenever you need them.

  • Quick Response

    Sometimes situations can't wait until the next mastermind meeting or personal coaching. As a VIP-member you have access to a coach or consultant via messenger to get quick and short support on a challenging situation in your work environment.

  • Live Events

    Free Access to all live events of the Conscious Leaders World Executive Circles. Meet other members from all over the world face-to-face in a great location and celebrate your successes!

    (Excl. travel expenses. All live events are subject to alterations due to local governmental regulations of in-person meetings and other factors – a fair compensation in other form will be provided)

Your Coach

Manuel Shipwood
Experienced Consultant, Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Pricing options

If you need to pay your annual membership with a payment plan, we got you covered. Choose what works best for you.

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19% MwSt./VAT included

All prices shown are in EUR and already INCLUDE 19% MwSt./VAT (Germany) for technical and legal reasons. Although this is a B2B Academy you can participate as a person and purchase workshops, coaching plans and mastermind membership privately. Therefore all prices are shown as gross prices for legal reasons. However, no matter whether you are purchasing as a company or private person, you will receive a proper tax invoice.