This is for you

...if you are some kind of executive, manager, team leader, coach, consultant or professional, who also experiences one or more of the following...

  • Your employees are not fully engaged or have a problem with conflicts, mobbing and ego-driven behavior

  • You have a high rate of illness or absence

  • You don't know how to get a better connection to your team members or employees. They don't seem to follow you as a leader and performance could be better, too.

  • You want to have a true connection with your team members AND your customers to create solutions in the best way.

  • You want to enable and empower your employees to develop their true potential instead of functioning as a robot-like resource

  • You are interested in new forms of leadership that are not just "agile", "new work" or following some other hype but are also humane, natural and sustainable in creating a successful culture of wellbeing, engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

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for the Conscious Leaders' World Executive Circle


  • Happy and healthy employees better, make less mistakes, are less ill, are solution driven and create happy, returning customers which ensures sustainable profit and reduces customer churn.

  • Purpose oriented

    ..businesses do not need to whitewash or greenwash with temporary charity activities but are actually bring their strategies into alignment with their values and higher purpose. Leaders of these companies know how focus but also see the bigger picture and know about the consequences of their actions – for ALL stakeholders.

  • Responsibility & Goodness

    Acknowledging the needs of other human beings enables you to utilize the synergetic effect of that connection – with your customers, your employees, vendors and everyone else – in a sustainable and humane way. You take responsibility for creating solutions that harm less and benefit more. This empowers everyone around you to grow a culture that serves your team, your company, your location and the world.

Enable people to love working with you

Collaborate with other people in your position to learn and grow together and make your company or team a better place

What you get

  • Collaboration

    Hand on: Over the course of 1 year minimum you will work on your actual projects while learning new ways how to do that every month. This enables you the best mix out of teaching, working on use cases, applying it in real life, monitor the results and discuss your findings and insights in a group of like-minded executives.

  • Group Knowledge

    Benefit from the knowledge and experience of your peers. While being in a safe and highly confidential space, you are able to exchange your experiences in a professional collaborative way and hence find new approaches to common challenges.

  • Accountability

    We know how challenging it can be to keep your promises on assignments additionally to your daily work. Your group and your learning partner will support you on every step towards your goals and will also join you when you celebrate your successes!

Your Facilitator, Teacher & Consultant

Manuel Shipwood
Experienced Consultant, Entrepreneur for 20 years, Business Coach for executives of all sectors.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which language will the group be conducted?

    As we want you to benefit from an international circle of experienced members, the group meetings will be in English. However, if you team up with a learning partner of your native language, you can work in your language between the meetings. In each group there will probably members from Germany, the United States and all over Europe.

  • How is the program conducted? What technology is used?

    We meet once a month via video conference. For the meetings we use ZOOM ( While we highly recommend to be part of every meeting, the meetings are recorded for review in case you cannot attend due to illness or similar. Each meeting has several parts: – teaching – presentation of your results – group work – case study or spotlight coaching – goal setting & discussing strategic approaches

  • How can I pay?

    The easiest and quickest way - no matter if you pay in full or via a payment plan - is by credit card. If you pay in full you can also pay via PayPal. If you need an alternative payment method like bank transfer or monthly direct debit please tell us at

  • Do you offer payment options?

    Yes, if you cannot pay the full amount upfront, we offer payment plans for 6 months and even 12 months if needed.

  • Is the membership tax deductible

    The membership of the mastermind group is a form of coaching and further education, so it can be tax deductible in many countries. Please refer to your tax advisor regarding your individual situation.

  • What kind of material will be provided?

    Additionally to our monthly meetings you will have access to a high end learning management system providing you with all the written material, video recordings, reading recommendations and everything you need for integrating your learnings successfully.

  • Can I bring a friend or colleague?

    We offer discounted membership for everyone who is referred by a paying member. Please contact us at

  • I just started in my position as a manager. Is this already for me?

    Yes, absolutely. Especially young talents and new leaders benefit immensly from the Conscious Leadership approach! The group is a mix of all levels of experience. The combination of fresh perspectives and experienced seniors creates a high synergetic potential for the group.

  • How long is the membership last? What's the billing cycle?

    Memberships are for 1 year and renew every year if not cancelled. This commitment is necessary so that you are able to learn the full range of conscious leadership while integrating it in your daily business.

Payment Plans

If you don't want to join using the one-time payment, you can also use our comfortable payment plans. Join our executive circle for just 6 monthly payments of 457€ (incl. 19%MwSt.)

Pricing options

If you need to pay your annual membership with a payment plan, we got you covered. Choose what works best for you.

All prices INCLUDE tax:

19% MwSt./VAT included

All prices shown are in EUR and already INCLUDE 19% MwSt./VAT (Germany) for technical and legal reasons. Although this is a B2B Academy you can participate as a person and purchase workshops, coaching plans and mastermind membership privately. Therefore all prices are shown as gross prices for legal reasons. However, no matter whether you are purchasing as a company or private person, you will receive a proper tax invoice.


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