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Manuel Shipwood
Experienced Consultant, Entrepreneur & Business Coach

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  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    Learning about totally new ways of leadership requires a confidential and trustworthy space to be able to share real life challenges. This is only possible in a regular 1-on-1 Coaching between you and your coach.

  • Independence & Flexibility

    All coaching sessions, whether you choose to have them weekly or bi-weekly (double), happen online in video calls. This way you can have your coaching when and where you need and want them.

All prices INCLUDE tax:

19% MwSt./VAT included

All prices shown are in EUR and already INCLUDE 19% MwSt./VAT (Germany) for technical and legal reasons. Although this is a B2B Academy you can participate as a person and purchase workshops, coaching plans and mastermind membership privately. Therefore all prices are shown as gross prices for legal reasons. However, no matter whether you are purchasing as a company or private person, you will receive a proper tax invoice. Feel free to contact us regarding any specific needs around invoicing.

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